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An email with the lists and schedule was sent out at 8:45 pm on 4/13.  If you did not receive this email, email and you will be added to the group list - important for updates or corrections.

Additional correction made on Boys team list 4/14 at 5:45 am 

Correction made to one group title in the Boys team list 4/13 10:45 pm.

Correction made to one game on schedule 4/13 at 9 pm

The team lists and the schedule have all been posted - 4/13 at 8:45 pm


April 15 Burlington Area gyms

2 game guarantee


Registration Deadline March 20, 2017

Boys Ages 10-17 and Girls Gr4-Gr11

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One Day Saturday schedule new 17 rev 1.xls31.5 KB
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One Day Challenge Boys list for Tournament 2017 numbers.doc49 KB