$425 – four game guarantee

                           Registration deadline May 6, 2018 -

                           Boys Ages 10-17  and Girls  Gr4-Gr11 

                             Note: Boys AAU eligibility is by age in 2018 .

                            Contact us if you have questions about eligibility.

                            All teams that go 4-0 earn Vermont maple syrup!


Please note that we are having issues with Internet Explorer as a browser - our roster file will not open correctly with that browser. All other browsers appear to work. We are working on this. If you cannot use another browser then please email me at and request a blank roster form and I will send one to you right away. Thanks for your patience.

Please note - if you have trouble with our roster form as part of the online registration process, there is a blank roster attached to this page. Please feel free to use this and send it as part of registration or as an email attachment to

Attachments that are posted will always have a time/date stamp and I will post that info when I update or post the attachment. This way you can check to see that the time/date stamp match to assure you are looking at the latest or correct file. If it does not match - hit refresh or try a different browser such as Firefox, Sarari or Google+. Internet Explorer does not always update attachments quickly..

Important announcements: Any scheduling requests MUST be sent in prior to the registration deadline. Also, if you are a coach and are coaching more than one team, please plan on having an assistant coach prepared to coach one of your teams. Each year, with our increasing numbers of teams, it gets increasingly difficult to schedule around such issues. In order to guarantee your spot in this tournament, please send your payment ASAP. It looks like we may have to establish a cut-off and wait list in the near future, so do not wait until the deadline. Completed rosters, including valid AAU numbers for players and coaches MUST be in as well to hold your spot.

Please note: If you do not use our online registration process and instead mail in your information, please send an  email with your preferred email address to This will allow for important email  communication regarding schedules, etc.

Please note the following important announcements:

 Click here for a link to our directions page. It is recommended that you print out the directions to all of our gym locations and bring this with you to the tournament.

 Also, once the schedule is posted, please continue to check back for any changes. We are currently close to 150 teams and mistakes are bound to be found on the schedule and corrections will need to be made.

 All teams that go 4-0 at the tournament need to check in with Mr. Dan Ryan at St. Michael's College gym for verification and to receive their Maple Syrup awards for individual players and coaches.

 Please enjoy downtown Burlington - Church Street Marketplace, malls, restaurants, the waterfront. Do not miss our beautiful sunsets over Lake Champlain.

 Thanks for coming to our 18th Annual Maple Syrup Classic Tournament. We hope you enjoy the area, the competition, and our facilities, especially UVM and St Michael's College, Memorial Auditorium, and the local school gyms we use to accommodate the enormous number of teams that annually make the trip to Burlington to enjoy the weekend of basketball and more. Please help advertise the tourney for us by telling other AAU teams and programs throughout the year what they are missing in Burlington the first weekend in June.


Thank you for coming!