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Important announcements: Any scheduling requests MUST be sent in prior to the registration deadline. Also, if you are a coach and are coaching more than one team, please plan on having an assistant coach prepared to coach one of your teams. Each year, with our increasing numbers of teams, it gets increasingly difficult to schedule around such issues. In order to guarantee your spot in this tournament, please send your payment ASAP. It looks like we may have to establish a cut-off and wait list in the near future, so do not wait until the deadline. Completed rosters, including valid AAU numbers for players and coaches, and PAYMENT  MUST be in as well to hold your spot .

Please note: If you do not use our online registration process and instead mail in your information, please send an  email with your preferred email address to This will allow for important email  communication regarding schedules, etc.

Current 20189Tournament information posted below

Please note mandatory check-in paperwork requirements below





                          Registration deadline April 15, 2019

                          Division 1 (A teams) and Division 2 (B teams)

                          AAU cards and birth certificates are required

                          AGAIN THIS YEAR - valid 2018/18 school report cards are

                             also required for check in!


New for 2018

All teams must submit a complete roster as part of the registration process.  Coaches can present a final roster at check if minor changes have been made to the original roster. Please check ahead with VT Cats staff via email to to explain the need for these minor changes. Once checked in, there will be no changes to this roster throughout the tournament.  If a team is found to have added players to the roster that was checked, then that team will forfeit all tournament games that these added players were involved in by either playing or availability to the team to play. They should not be on the team bench.

All player and coach paperwork must be turned in for the check in process. If any paperwork or documentation is missing, then the affected player may not play and/or the coach may not coach or sit on the bench until such material is presented and reviewed. If a coach cannot present his/her card only another coach from the same club with his/her card can replace the original coach. If this cannot be accomplished then the team will have to forfeit any games for which this situation continues to exist. The game may possibly be played for the sake of the players with the original coach without his card but the official results will be a forfeit loss. 

Note that the two staff members checking in paperwork have other responsibilities during the tournament that relate to progression of teams through pool play and thus may not be available on an 'emergency' basis to check in such missing paperwork after 2:00 pm on Saturday of the two day tournament. If a player with missing paperwork plays during the tournament or a coach without an AAU card coaches his team, then all such games will be forfeited.

It is ultimately the coach and/or club director’s responsibility to gather and present the check in paperwork.  Please do not wait until the last minute to gather this material and double check that you have all necessary materials for each player and each coach.

Throughout the Girls & Boys VT State AAU Championships the Tournament Staff will be randomly checking rosters & scorebooks & numbers of players & coaches on the bench compared to the check in roster. If inaccurate / inconsistencies are found either the game will be stopped & notified the game is a forfeit or at the completion or after the game the teams will be informed of the violation & game will be forfeited. 



Check-in, scoring, etc for 2017 is shown below.

Scoring for games:

The Home team is listed first on the schedule and the home team provides the official scorekeeper. The official scorekeeper must keep the game record in the official book provided by tournament staff. This means all players' names, jersey numbers, baskets scored, fouls, foul shots, running score, etc., plus final score must be kept in the book as the game runs. This official book must then be signed by both coaches. Signing the book indicates you agree with the end result, the score, and all else that is contained in this official book. As a POWER RANKING tournament and a NATIONAL QUALIFYING tournament, we must be stringent in this regard. If the official scorekeeper wants to transfer the official book info into their own book, we request that you follow one of the following options rather than attempt to fill in two books during the game:

1)Have another parent or coach complete your own team book during the game, or

2)Take a picture of the official book with a smart phone and use that record to complete your own team book.

We have had numerous problems when scorekeepers try to fill in two books during the game, or during timeouts or at the half. The importance of having an accurate official book is very high - and the consequences of an incorrect book can negatively impact a team.

Check-in and paperwork:

Girls 2018 Handbook excerpt from National check in:

1. All athletes and coaches must show their AAU membership verification at the time of Registration. If verification is misplaced or cannot be produced, another one must be purchased at that time with no refund. 

2. Copy of report cards and approved birth records must be carried to every game. Proof of grade must be available for review, by an AAU designee at all AAU licensed competitions. Acceptable documents include the following:

a. A photocopy of that portion of the athletes’ report card for the current school year which shows name, grade and school.

b. A certified copy of birth record from the State, County, or Municipal Bureau of Vital Statistics in the place of birth (HOSPITAL RECORDS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE)

c. A certified copy of the delayed registration of birth, if the athlete’s birth was not recorded on her day of birth, issued by the same governing bodies

d. Consular Service Form FS-240, “Report on Birth” issued by the U.S. Department of State

e. Immigration and naturalization forms I-151 and I-25

f. Form No. 43-12311-7 issued by the U.S. Department of Justice

g. Legal passport

h. Driver’s License

i. Electronic Age Verification through SportsAge ID. A one-time registration fee of only $10.00 covers 100%
of all updating and processing fees for as long as an athlete participates in the AAU Girls Basketball

We will be flexible where we can be - thus legible photocopies of birth certificates and report cards are acceptable.

All Non-athletes/coaches are responsible to see that their team meets all eligibility requirements. If a player is found to be ineligible prior to the start of a sanctioned competition, the player will be expelled from the competition and the team will continue. If a player is found to be ineligible after the competition has started, the player will be expelled from the competition and the team will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player was listed on the official score sheet. The team may continue to participate, if applicable, without the expelled player.

 All birth certificates, valid 2017/18 report cards, and AAU cards must be with you when you check in.

Player and Coach AAU cards must be linked to the same club code for the team.  This must show on all cards. 

 Also, no more than 3 players per team may be from out of state.


Check in process for 2018 is posted below

 Please arrive at  (1) Patrick Gym - front lobby for teams that have games at Patrick gym or (2) Essex High School front lobby for teams that have games at Essex High School  prior to your first game, at least 45 minutes early so your paperwork can be reviewed by our staff before your first game. Reviewing stations will be open at 7:00 am at Patrick Gym lobby and at 7:15 am at Essex HS.

 You will need to provide copies of the player and coaches (head and assistant) and all bench personnel’s AAU cards.

 If coaches do not have valid and AAU cards, they may not coach (or sit on the bench) in the tournament.

 All scorers must have valid AAU cards. Scorersand all bench personnel (assistant coaches) must be adults.

The process to get AAU cards for adult non-athletes is not immediate - there is a background check involved and it can take several days or weeks. We will NOT accept  'Pending' status on coach and bench personnel AAU cards.

 Player birth certificates (legible copies are fine) and report cards from the 2017/18 school year must also be presented at check-in.

 Report Cards for Check -in: We experienced many issues with check-in for the past few years at both Boys and Girls states and thus would like to pass on some advice to you. Make sure you have a valid 2017/18 school report card that shows grade level for all players. Review this as a coach and do not leave it up to the player or parent. Many report cards we saw in the past years did not include the grade level or school year or school name or even player name. If a report card is not available or does not contain the necessary information, contact the school and ask for a statement on school letterhead attesting to the player and the grade level, and signed by a school administrator - such as the Principal, Head of Guidance, or Registrar. You will risk forfeiture if you do not present report cards or other valid school and grade documentation for each player.  You must turn in all materials for the check-in process by 2:00 pm on Saturday.

 Additionally you can make the check in process easier for you and for us if you have all your materials ready when you get in line.  Organize your paperwork by player or by type (i.e., have all of Sue Smith's forms collated together, then the next player, etc. Or have all the aau cards together, then the birth certificates, then the report cards.) Coaches must have all team paperwork together when they check in - do not come into the line if you are missing records as you will just have to hunt this stuff down and then come back. You can have a responsible parent or assistant coach stand in line to check in, but the head coach must sign our Coaches' Ethics form, so you will have to come back to the table at some point early on Saturday. Once again, I will email out the Coaches' Ethics form, so coaches can sign it and have a parent turn it in during the check in process if they choose to do that. This form is also posted as an attachment below.

 Check in is at  UVM Patrick gym front lobby and Essex HS front lobby  Please allow at least 45 minutes for this process. If you are too rushed prior to your first game, you may be able to leave your documentation with us, but if you play with an ineligible player, you risk forfeiture of any games played with that ineligible player. We are glad to answer any questions that you have in this regard to help you.