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Tournament Registration




Our Spring Classic, Girls and Boys State, and Maple Syrup Classic Tournaments are NEAAU Power Ranking Tournaments. Please click here for more info from NEAAU on the Boys Power Rankings and click here for more info from NEAAU on the Girls Power Rankings. All of our tournaments are AAU sanctioned and require AAU cards for players and coaches.

Registrations are not considered complete until rosters and payments are in, along with the registration form. Please plan on getting all of this in by our established deadlines.

2015 AAU Tournament Information:

                    April 11-12                         VT CATS 8th ANNUAL SPRING CLASSIC AT UVM

                                                             and Burlington area high school gyms

                                                             $425 – four game guarantee                     

                                                              BOYS + GIRLS Gr4-Gr11

                                                              Registration deadline March 20 , 2015 

                                                             95 teams participated last year for our 6th year!

                                                             All teams that go 4-0 get t-shirts.


                  April xx                              VT Friends of Basketball McNeil's Wheels Turn Hoops

                                                              Grades 5-10 Boys and Girls tournament,

                                                              VT Friends of Basketball officials

                                                               Burlington area gyms, $375 registration

                                                                Registration deadline April xx, 2015

                                                               Contact Gary Rogers at 802-316-6987



                     May 2-3                           VT 2015 GIRLS STATE AAU TOURNEY at UVM and Burlington Area schools


                                                              Registration deadline April 14, 2015

                                                              Division 1 (A teams) and Division 2 (B teams)

                                                              60 teams last year!

                                                              AAU cards and birth certificates are required

                                                              AGAIN THIS YEAR - valid 2014/15 school report

                                                              cards are required for check in


                  May 9-10                           VT 2015 BOYS STATE AAU at UVM, Essex High School, and Burlington Area schools


                                                              Registration deadline April 21, 2015

                                                              Division 1 (A teams) and Division 2 (B teams)

                                                              92 teams last year!

                                                             AAU cards and birth certificates are required

                                                             AGAIN THIS YEAR - valid 2014/15 school report

                                                             cards are required for check in


                June 6-7                                VT CATS 87th ANNUAL MAPLE SYRUP

                                                              CLASSIC AT UVM and ST. MICHAEL'S COLLEGE

                                                              $425 – four game guarantee

                                                               Registration deadline May 16, 2015

                                                               Gr4-Gr11 Boys and Girls – 171  teams registered

                                                               last  year, and 145 - 165+ each of the two previous years.

                                                               Register early as last year we unfortunately had to

                                                               turn away teams. All teams that go 4-0 earn Vermont

                                                              maple syrup!


For All Tournaments – Please note: Registration is not

 considered to be complete until

 payment is received.

 Please make checks out to and mail to:

 Vermont Cats

 PO Box 3087

 Burlington, VT 05401

 You must include team identifying information on or with

 your check:(team name, level, gender)



Other Local Vermont Tournaments:



                                    MARCH 21-22                  Mt. Mansfield Madness

                                                                              Boys  grades 5-9

                                                                              4 Games $400



                                      MARCH xx                     Rutland Bandit Michelle Harte Memorial Tournament

                                                                              Boys grades 4-11

                                                                              4+ game guarantee


                                                                              flyer is attached below

                                      MAY xx                           Boys Lake Champlain Lakers Invitational

                                                                             Grades 6-12


                                                                              Reg deadline 4/xx/2015

                                                                              see flyer below

                                       MAY xx                          Lake Placid Primetime Challenge - GPS Hoops


                                                                               Girls Ages 10-17

                                                                               Click here for tournament link


                                        MAY xx                           Milton Jacket Classic VII

                                                                                contact Jim O'Grady at

                                                                                Boys and Girls Tournament, 5th - 11th grades

                                                                               local full size gyms, medals for 1st-3rd place and

                                                                               first place team trophy.

                                                                               May xx, 2015 registration deadline

                                                                               Click here for website

                                           MAY xx                      Girls Lake Champlain Lakers Invitational

                                                                               Grades 6-12


                                                                               Reg deadline 5/xx/2015

                                                                               see flyer below


AAU Team Information:


The following is a list of teams and coaches for the 2010 AAU season:


Boys:      Director - Bill Callahan

Vermont Irish Cats

Girls: Director-Doug Cheeseman 

Vermont Cats





4th/5th Grade Prep Academy
   4th/5th Grade Prep Academy

5th Grade

 4th/5th Grade


6th Grade
 6th Grade Black
 8th Grade  7th Grade Black
 8th Grade Black

9th Grade

8th Grade Green


11th Grade 8th Grade White
 10th Grade  














Vermont Cats and Vermont Irish Cats – AAU team information:


2 PRACTICES per week

TEAM ROSTERS: 10 - 12 players recommended. Team will have a coach & 1 - 2 team administrators

EMPHASIS on player and team development

WEEKEND: Play games; One day weekend; Two day weekends / tourneys

 5 - 7 TOURNAMENTS/ including 3 local Cats tournaments: (Including State Tourney)

 TRAVEL: VT, New England an NY Travel will vary based on the quality of each team and competitive ability

UNIFORMS: Quality reversible shirt and shorts; warm-up shirt and pants


COMPETITIVE PLAY: All players will play and develop their game, competitive basketball, fair but not equal playing time for all team members

COST: $650 per player; $500 for returning player that does not need a uniform

COMMITMENT EXPECTED: Conflicts need to be communicated at the earliest opportunity (Players may be able to play other sports)




*Directed by our coaching staff and team coaches

*Travel and parent permission forms for medical attention will be required

*Coaches will not be allowed to transport team players on travel to games

*Parents and team administrators are responsible to arrange travel

*Birth Certificates will be needed

*Each team will carry the necessary info at each event


Bill Callahan - 862-6238

Doug Cheeseman - 658-5846

Dick Falkenbush - 658-6322

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